Multifunctional Service Center for dent pulling steel

This multifunctional service center is a mobile workbench specially designed to provide a clean and productive workplace for the CompuSpot 160 operator.

The workbench centralizes all the operator's tools and utilities:

220V & 380V electrical outlets.

Compressed air outlets.

Front and side perforated panels for tool storage.

Welding gun & Cable supports.

Sliding drawer & storage shelves.

Scratch resistant table top coating.

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Comes complete with:
CompuSpot 160
Dent Puller

Energic slide hammer
with star washer

Energic slide hammer
with hook
Mandrel for nail
Ground plate holder
2 Finger bear claw
5 Finger bear claw
8 Finger bear claw
Straightening bar
Pulling bar
Angle support
Automatic spot pulling gun
Washer tip
Shrinking tip
Half moon tip
Single spot tip
Molding clip tip
Long stud tip (nails)
Wiggle wire tip
Adapter holder for carbon rod
Carbon rod
Nails (100pcs)
Rivets (100pcs)
Washer (100pcs)
Stars (10pcs)
Wiggle wire (pkt 1/2lb)

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