Double Head UV Curing Lamp

A double head UV curing lamp supported by a robust column and arm. The base also provides a superior stability.

Easily repacable 400W UV light bulb.

Multiple head positions system.

Designed in cooperation with international paint manufacturers.

Almost instant full cure with no heat.

Ready to sand, buff and deliver in under 3 minutes.

Filters out all harmful UVB and UVC.

IP30 (The enclosure provides a protection against access to hazardous parts). 

A gas cylinder locking allows an easy and effortless adjustment of the lamp unit.

This model is offered with an analogic or a digital control.

Locking rear casters.

Vertical height: 2.4m (95")
Horizontal height: 2.0m (79")

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Multiple positions all around the vehicle Model with an analogic control Model with a digital control

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