Digital Infrared Curing Double Lamp

A versatile, easy to use Double Lamp Array Short Wave Infra-Red Curing System for bodyshops demanding high quality and reliability at a reasonable price.

Produces the highest quality paint job in the least amount of time. Work is done at the lowest cost, while conforming to environmental regulations. 

Cures on any substrate. Cures body filler, primer,or top coat in just minutes. Short wave infrared cures from the inside-out to eliminate "skinning", haze, or bubbles. 

Rapid, Modulated Ramp-Up Temperature: Delivers maximum heat transfer with maximum control. 

Automatic Timed Shut-Off: Reduces the chance of paint finish damage due to overheating. 

Uniform, focused cure area: No hot or cold spots. Fully focused IR reflector.
Curing area: 36 "x30" = (92cm x 76cm = 6992cm2). 

Simple Controls: Digital control LCD screen, and durable lamp and stand construction. 

Built-in safety features: 
CE approval 

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The unique reflector that envelops the lamp is specifically designed to direct all the energy from the lamp towards the vehicle.
Digital control panel

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