Double Pulse Inverter MIG Welder (1 Connector)

A powerful 250A synergic MIG welding machine utilizing the high frequency pulsed technology required by OEMs for certified
collision repair programs.

Designed for a wide variety of applications including welding
and brazing of aluminium, galvanized steel, stainless
and high-strength steel.

Fully compatible with the aluminium alloy 5554 & 4043.

Single connector for multiple applications.

Heat and feed are perfectly synchronized in the synergic mode
to produce a soft start, excellent penetration, and a smooth,
uniform bead without spatter or burn back.

The 4-wheel drive system deliver an even,
trouble free wire feed.

The welding cart accomodates a gas cylinder.

Various welding packages available including
Standard MIG gun or Push-pull gun.

Design features

An easy use keypad for the selection of synergic pre-set welding programs and automated functions.

The control panel provides easy selection and adjustment of weld parameters: wire size, power, wire speed, arc length, and weld slope.

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Welding Packages
All the models come with 1 connector and a storage for 1 gas cylinder.

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