Portable Car Exhaust Pipe Expander

The revolutionary tool that lets you replace only worn-out sections
of exhaust pipe. The portable Hand Expander does the work of
four ordinary tools - cheaper, faster, better! Available in a
4 or 6 segment set.

Features and advantages:

- Light weight (only 4.5kg, 10 pounds).

- Compactly built and easy to operate.

- Fast (does the job in 15 seconds maximum).

- Easy to set size specification.

- Portable or bench mount.

- Eliminates need for welding.

- Gives a tight joint. 

Technical Information
Expansions range:
from 1-1/2" inner diameter to 2-1/2" outer diameter
Accuracy: controlled to .005"
Stroke: 1.350"
Calibration: adjustable
Required air pressure: 60 to 120 lb/po2
Hydraulic system pressure: 6,000 lb/po2 (factory set)
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Standard tooling:

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