Spot Weld Drilling Machine

The CompuSpot Drill has been designed to remove spot welds on boron, high and ultra high strength steel, efficiently, quickly and without wearing out bits prematurely.

Low speed, high torque cutting action.
Required for steels with a high Rockwell hardness rating.

Variable depth adjustment.
Prevents drilling into the bottom panel.

2 Stage start.
Improves alignment and prolongs bit life.

Special carbide bit coating.
Reduces friction heat and increases bit performance.

2 Blades bit configuration.
Provides a wider, shock resistant cutting surface.
Avoids broken bits.

Approved by: Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Seat & Skoda

Technical Information
Pressure: 6 bar
RPM free speed: 1000
RPM under load: 700
Air consumption: 175 l/min, 6 CFM
Sound level: 82 dba
Average bit life: 60-80 cuts on 60HRC
(1000 cuts on standard sheet metal)
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