Advanced Inverter Spot Welder

The ideal answer for how to weld today's high strength dual phase and boron steels with up to 630 daN (1,386lbf) of tip pressure and 14,000 amps of welding current.

USB port for data transfer and program updates.

Welding report storage on USB key of each welding spot performed: user, current, force, time, etc.

Restoration on any PC of the reports saved on the USB key.

Liquid cooling all the way to the electrode tips.

7" touch screen control panel with high resolution color
(800x480 pixels).

EMF shielded cables optional.

CE & CCC approvals.

Download this document to get more information
120mm Straight arms set
330mm 1/2 Offset arms set
330mm 1/2 Offset arm
330mm Dog noze arms set
470mm Straight arms set
230mm Crocodile type arms set
Fender electrodes set
470mm Full Offset arms set
(04.PS.80.41) - OPTIONAL
Complete single side welding and dent pulling package included
550daN Liquid cooled G clamp (optional)

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