Heavy Duty Inverter Spot Welder with twin liquid cooled clamps

Heavy duty Inverter Spot Welder with twin liquid cooled clamps achieves maximum coverage of the car body. This welder model offers the best features of both clamp styles. The power transformer is designed to minimize losses of energy due to electrical resistance and induction. Generating electrical impulses with controlled power curve slopes. 

Maximum 14,000 amps output power at the tips maintained by automatic power compensation.

Liquid cooled welding cables and electrode tips.

C Clamping force of over 1,240lbf at 125psi
(550daN at 8,5bar).
G Clamping force over 360lbf at 115psi
(160daN at 8bar)

Single side spot gun included.

Sensors and software enables the reading of the clamping force at the tips.

Advanced Inverter technology.

Digitally controlled programmable weld settings for producing factory quality welds .

Backlite LCD display for programmable selection.

EMF shielded cables optional.

Designed and build with the cooperation of car manufacturers to meet the requirements for repairing UltraLight and Advanced High Strength Steels including Boron alloys.

C Clamp 550daN

G Clamp 160daN

G Clamp 550daN
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Accessories for 550daN C Clamp
120mm Straight arms set
330mm 1/2 Offset arms set
330mm 1/2 Offset arm
330mm Dog noze arms set
470mm Straight arms set
230mm Crocodile type arms set
Fender electrodes set
470mm Full Offset arms set
(04.PS.80.41) - OPTIONAL
Accessories for 160daN G Clamp
Fender Electrode
500mm U arm
155mm Offset arm
G to C Adapter
Complete single side welding and dent pulling package included

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