Multi-Function Compression Spot Welder

Designed to reduce panel drilling MIG weld plugging, and grinding to a minimum.

Factory spot welds can be replicated on thin panels as well as structural metal up to 3mm thick (0.12").

Available with C or G clamp.

Maximum welding current of 11,000 amps delivers superior performance on today's sheet metals including galvanized and high-tensile steel. A variety of accessory electrode arms for the versatile pneumatic clamps can reach up to 90% of the automobiles body.

Easily interchangable electrodes provide single side spot welding for places without access to both sides of the panel. A full complement of dent pulling accessories and heat shrinking accessories is included.

Permanently attached air cooled welding cables provide maximum flexibility and increases shop productivity.

Boom swivel arm optional.

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Multiple spot welding positions
Rear fender & Roof, A & B Pillar, Front End Assembly, Tail Section and Wheel House
Standard Accessories (with C clamp model only)   Standard Accessories (with G clamp model only)
Pneumatic C Clamp (13.PS.10.96)   Pneumatic G Clamp (13.PS.10.86)
160mm Fender electrodes set (04.PS.70.17)   155mm 1/2 Offset arm (04.PS.34.12)
380mm Full offset arms set (04.PS.70.38)   Copper straight electrode (04.PS.38.14)
    Fender electrode (04.PS.38.13)
Standard Accessories (with C or G clamp model)
Carbon rod
Fan shape electrode
Wiggle wire tip
Standard electrode
Moulding rivet electrode
Welding nail electrode
Welding washer electrode
Gutter rail electrode
Shrinking electrode
M6 Stud electrode
M6 Nut electrode
Carbone rod adapter
Other Accessories
Slide hammer without accessory
Slide hammer c/w hook
Nail mandrel
5" Finger bear claw
Tip sharpener
Rachet key for tip sharpener
M6 nuts
Ground plate tightener
Wiggle wire 1/2lbs
M6 studs 30pcs
Welding nails 2mm 100pcs
Welding rivets 100pcs
Welding washers 100pcs

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