Aluminium Dent Pulling system

Utilizes capacitive discharge with extra features.

Includes welding gun with integrated ground system, 3 welding tips,
plus supply of threaded 4, 5 and 6 mm pulling studs.

Complete with hand lifter, hook and 3 puller mandrels.

Slide hammer and larger pulling studs optional.

May also be used for dent pulling steel and stainless steel.

Digital touch pad control.

Ready and discharge (trigger) lights in the gun base
let the operator focus on the application rather than
the control panel.

CCC & CE approvals.

Capacitance: 66mF
Welding energy: 50J/40V, 1600J/220V
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Comes complete with:
Hand lifter
Safety goggles
Stainless steel brush
Stud holder 4mm
Threaded pulling studs M4x15
200pcs (
Puller mandrel 4mm
Stud holder 5mm
Threaded pulling studs M5x15
200pcs (
Puller mandrel 5mm
Stud holder 6mm
Threaded pulling studs M6x15
200pcs (
Puller mandrel 6mm

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