Professional Dent Pulling with Modern Touch Pad Control

Digital display with key pad control of time and power,
plus mode and language selection.

Compact 11"x 11" x 9 "
(280 x 280x 229mm).

Light weight
(only 48lbs, 22kg).

Quick change electrodes.

Quick star washer dent pulling: fast and easy to use
slide hammer included.

Weld studs (nails), washers, rivets for interior panel and window moldings (all tips included).

Shrinking with copper tip for high spot.

Easy access around vehicles.

CE & CCC approvals.

Download this document to get more information
Comes complete with:
Washer tip
Shrinking tip
Half moon tip
Single spot tip
Molding clip tip
Long stud tip (nails)
Wiggle wire tip
Adapter holder for carbon rod
Carbon rod
Energic slide hammer with adaptor
Mandrel for nail
Hook mandrel for nails pulling
Ground plate holder
Stars (10pcs)
5 Finger bear claw
Wiggle wire (pkt 1/2lb)
Nails (100pcs)
Rivets (100pcs)
Washer (100pcs)

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