Advanced Spot Welder Clamp for Industrial Application

The solution for spot welding and the demands of mass production
in the sheet metal and body-in-white industry.

Medium frequency DC transformer.

IGBT, transformer and electrode arms are water cooled.

Ensured weld quality: adaptive closed loop control systems effectively process  highly-variegated material combinations (Dynamic Resistance).

6 programmable user levels.

Easy manipulation with an arch.

Emergency stop button.

A suspended cabinet allows the control the welder clamp.

Available with a large variety of electrod arms according to each automobile standards.

Suspended Cabinet
Large Variety of electrod arms
Ergonomic Handle
CompuSpot 1000 Specifications
Clamping force: 1,150daN at 8 bar (2,540lbf at 115PSI)
Power supply requirements:
380/415V with 32A D Curve protection
Main frequency: 50-60Hz
Maximum welding current: 15,000A.
Suspended Cabinet Specifications
Main voltage: 400-500V, 3-Phase
Main frequency: 50-60Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD): 575x 565x 250mm (23"x 22"x 10")
Weight: 39kg (86lbs)
Advantages of the Medium Frequency DC Transformer:
There is many advantages in the use of the medium frequency DC transformer for 
body-in-white assembly:

Suitable for welding aluminium, stainless steel and coated sheets, three sheet welds and thin sheets of metal;

Reduces the formation of welding splashes;

Short welding times as a result of condensed output;

Low connection and energy costs, because of lower connection requirements and systematic mains loading, along with an optimal power factor;

MF transformer are up to 40% lighter than AC mains frequency (50Hz) transformer;

Better Weld quality.
Network System:
Automatic identification of connected welding to the control unit via Ethernet network.

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