Two-Way Expander with Gripper Clamp

AMH's top-of-the-line fully automatic tube bender, designed for high-volume, high-profit operation. Rugged tubular steel frame and proven design stand up to the toughest jobs. Equipped with two expanders, Hydra-Sizer and Swager, on separate hydraulic cylinders to let the operator maintain two different set-ups without changing tooling. 

Available with Deluxe 3-inch (76.2 mm) tooling for handling truck pipe and some heavy-duty equipment. Furnished with all the features that have made the Blue-Boy reputation and a full selection of tooling.

Hydra-sizing expander allows expanding closer to final bend. Expands accurately to specify field o.d. and i.d.

Gripper clamp expander eliminates tube slippage during and after expansion.

Automatic control is recessed, uses 24-volt system for more safety.

3"-inch bending capability.

Depth of bend plate allows precise control of bend angle.

Motor available in single or three phase.

Synchronized back gates need less maintenance, make more uniform bends.

Back gate cylinder is bottom-mounted to eliminate interference with tubing.

Stronger frame than other benders for higher volume, larger tube diameters.

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Other informations:
The unique gripper clamp feature two-piece collars with double-tapered walls to eliminate pipe slippage during expansion and reduction operations. The greater the force exerted on the tube, the tighter the grip is. This unit is designed for use with solid dies to perform many different forming operations, slip fits, domes, flares, ball joints, flanges and reductions.
The Hydra-sizer provides rapid set-up time and high degree of accuracy for both I.D. and O.D. expansions including slip fits, flare, inner flaring with segment type tooling. This unit can expand muffler nipples and works closer to bend than the expander. You merely snap on the proper tooling segment set, dial in the desired dimensions on the micrometer-type barrel, which is calibrated in 1/64" insert and jog the hydraulic control handle to complete the expansions.

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